Hotel’s Heritage

The building is designated as an Ancient Monument under the 5th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. Located in the Upper Koita it is a tower, which was initially built in the mid-18th century (1750). During the Ottoman period, Koita was the birthplace of Nicliani, a strong clan of Mani who, along with other large families, requested by letter in 1618 from the Italian Duke Charles I of Devereaux (Carlo Gonzaga) his help for the liberation of Greece, something that he responded positively. The last major Vendetta, was in 1871 between the famillies of Kaourianon and Kourianon. It was so great feud, which was generalized throughout the West (aposkeri) Mani. To bring order, it took the intervention of the army with artillery. The final stages of negotiations took place in this building. Since 1910 this building was used for the housing of the Greek Royal Gendarmerie, which oversees the region given the dominance of Koita (according to the census Grimani in 1700, there were 800 inhabitants in Koita, 1600 residents in 1800, at 1910 were 3000, 262 residents in 1971 and 472 inhabitants in 1991). In 1940, because of the occupation by the Germans the Greek Royal Gendarmerie stopped operations and the building remained empty until 1941 when it installed for a short time part of the occupying army. Between January and June of 1943 and during the Greek Civil War the building was occupied by the forces of ELAS, which on leaving they burned all the records kept by then. Since then, due to the general decline of the area the building was abandoned until 2011 when it was renovated and converted into a Traditional Hotel, Classic Type, First Class category.